May 31, 2012

About Confidence...

Confidence is what attracts women to men (and to be honest - men to women too). But you know how difficult it is to fake confidence... (and I'm not saying you shouldn't try). What works 100% of the times is when you are in a situation where you naturally have confidence. I call it: an opportunity to shine.

For example, you lived in Portugal, and you just joined a travel oriented group. You can offer to speak about Portugal at an upcoming meeting. Your enthusiasm will be interpreted as confidence and authenticity, and you will be more attractive to the audience (some of which may be women). Or, on a date for example, you could go to a Portuguese restaurant where you could confidently choose from the menu.

Natural confidence, that's based on your passion to do something, is really what most people are attracted to. Something in you, that you love doing, or know how to do well, appeals to them. Find what your areas/pursuits of confidence are and start using them. There's a double benefit here: the first is you learn to love who you are and what you do, and the second - you connect with others through it.

You may doubt that you have a talent or a skill that may attract others, but this could be because you have not realized it in yourself yet. Look for and become aware of those qualities and skills in you that you excelled in when you were at school for example. Think about something you have been drawn to learn as a teenager. Or an activity you pursued in your twenties. Focus on the things you are good at, appreciate these things, and develop them so they become your opportunities to shine!

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